This distance between a girls legs directly below her pubis symphsis.(There is a slight distance decrease as the inner thigh usually bulges in, about 1-1.5” down from the perineal. This is natural in even the most perfect 18 year old specimens)


Ask your woman politely to get in her bikini. With her facing directly in front of you, give her a kiss and ask her, in the most gentlemanly of fashion, to make sure that her talus are touching each other. Offer instructions to her to stand at a 70°-80° angle leaning slightly forward, as if she was waiting in line at the grocery store with food that she will cook for you later tonight. 

The distance right below between where her legs touch or not below her pubis symphsis, and displays a “gap” or an open heart shaped area, this would be your elusive gap.This is the GAP TEST. If she suffers from anorexia she most likely won’t be the proud owner of this elusive gap as the formation of the gap requires a certain amount of fat tissue.

Calling her fat will not help, add -ass to the end of it, that usually increases response time.

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